Rescue Cases

245 Red Eared Slider Were Released on Anglers Beach in Sham Cheng

On August 26 2016, a fisherman informed the SPCA hotline stating that he found scads of terrapins floating in the sea of Anglers Beach; some were even flushed onshore. These terrapins were believed to be victims of ‘mercy release’, which is nothing close to a mercy.

Before the arrival of SPCA inspector, a few members of the public and lifeguards had already picked up 60 red-eared terrapins, then placed them safely into the plastic containers. Furthermore, while the inspector and passersby searched for turtles in the reef crevices and shallows, the lifeguards canoed out to rescue turtles in the sea.

After several hours into the rescue mission, a total of 245 red-eared sliders were rescued. They all seemed to be in normal condition, only except for some with minor stretch wounds. These turtles were later handed over to SPCA veterinarians for further examination. Some believe that freeing a capture animal create good karma, however, this kind of ‘mercy’ release is in fact inhumane and causes animal suffering. Not only many of these released animals are often non-native and unsuited to the local environment, it may also cause negative ecological consequences and potentially drive other species to extinction. Please say NO to mercy release!

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