Rescue Cases

Rescued a Puppy that Was Trapped in the Sewage for Four Days

On March 24 2020, a member of the public claimed she heard a puppy barking from the ditches alongside the slope of Oi Wah House and Tsz Ching Estate, so she decided to report the incident to SPCA inspectors for help.

The inspector arrived at the scene immediately after receiving the call. Faint barking could be heard but it was hard to locate the dog. Therefore, the inspector contacted the Fire Services Department to assist on the mission. However, the puppy went down the passage even further when he saw the rescuers approached.

The following day (25th), SPCA inspectors teamed up with the firemen and attempted to capture the puppy once more. But when the firemen went down to the sewage to examine the environment, they found several turns and exits. Since it was a hazardous environment, the inspectors decided to abort the mission and return to the centre to further plan for the rescue.

On the third day (26th), while two inspectors first returned to the scene and set up traps at three exits, the remaining inspectors entered the drain and worked on the rescue until midnight.

With everyone’s dedication and hard work, SPCA inspectors successfully rescued the puppy on the March 27, who seemed to be in a healthy condition. It was then sent back to the SPCA centre for further examination by the veterinarians.

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