Kennel Keeper

Candy Tai

Joined the SPCA in 2006

Candy used to be afraid of cats – but after taking care of the kittens and watching them grow up, she now enjoys being around cats and playing with them!

Feeding the animals, cleaning the kennels and cattery, playing with dogs and cats – these are the tasks of a kennel keeper. Some may find them tedious, while Candy enjoys this daily routine of a kennel keeper very much. Candy was a volunteer working in various SPCA centres, then joined the SPCA as a full time kennel keeper in 2006.

Over the years, she has taken care of numerous dogs and cats when they were born until they grew up. Being a kennel keeper gives her a lot of pleasure especially witnessing the growth of the animals, and seeing them being adopted and leading a happy life at last. Also, she is often being consulted by neighbours after knowing she works in the SPCA; she helps them to take care of their pets as well. In the future, she will continue to contribute to the SPCA as a kennel keeper and hopes that more and more animals can be homed.

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