Former Chief Inspector

Freddy Man

Joined the SPCA in 1976

Freddy (bottom right) with current inspectors at the Kowloon Centre in 2019.

Freddy was the only Hong Kong Chinese inspector to be sent to the RSPCA in the UK for training.

Freddy joined the SPCA at a young age and stayed with the Society for many years.

Freddy is one of the most experienced inspectors in the Society. Before joining the Society, Freddy used to feed cats in the former cat boxes the Society set up for abandoned felines. He realised his passion for helping animals in need and decided to join the Society as an inspector when he was 19 years old. Back in those days, he was responsible for a combination of field and administrative work, as there were only around 8 inspectors at that time. In addition to the animals rescued, he took care of animals in the boarding kennel and recorded their conditions every day.

The RSPCA recognised officially Hong Kong’s SPCA in 1964, and has provided a huge amount of support, including inviting inspectors from around the world to its UK centres. Freddy was once chosen as the first Hong Kong Chinese inspector to receive training at RSPCA centres in London and Birmingham and other major cities. “We learned about its systems, policies, treatment and new equipment, so I was able to bring back new insights to the SPCA in Hong Kong. I was so honored to be one of the Hong Kong Chinese inspectors there,” Freddy recalls.

During his years at the Society, Freddy has encountered many sad and tragic animal cruelty cases, but one case remains particularly unforgettable. One day, he received a letter informing him that a dog slaughterhouse had been set up in Mongkok. He contacted the police immediately and they carried out a joint rescue operation. On arriving at the scene, the police and SPCA staff were in deep shock at the sight: dogs in cages waiting to be slaughtered and customers waiting to be served freshly-slaughtered dog meat. The owner and butcher were arrested.

Freddy is so glad that there are more animal lovers in Hong Kong than ever before, who care and are as determined as the SPCA to improve animal welfare.

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