Adopter, foster parent and donor


An active supporter of the SPCA for over 20 years

Calling Jeanne an animal lover would be an understatement, since she has always been on the watch for animals in danger and ensured they receive proper care. She has been fostering numerous animals to nurse them back to health until they find a forever home, not to mention the tremendous amount of love she has for her adopted friends.

Over the years, she has encountered quite a lot of accidents regarding the injured animals. She once found a dog who was hit by a car on Kennedy Road and brought it to the SPCA centre for inspection and care. She is known for her kind heart and love for the animals, so it isn’t uncommon for her to find animals being left on her doorstep as people believe that she knows how to take proper care of them.

She met her very best friends Cookie and Lego from the SPCA. Cookie was adopted back in 2006, while Lego was one of the puppies she was fostering. She finds it hard to recall the most unforgettable memory with them, as the days spending with her two best friends were amazing and unforgettable in every sense.

Cookie and Lego were very well-behaved as Jeanne exercised them regularly. Jeanne once took them to a hike. Interestingly, they followed another Labrador and went in another direction. Jeanne then went back to look for them. Fortunately, the two doggies were waiting patiently for her to come and pick them up. Jeanne is always grateful that Cookie and Lego trusted her wholeheartedly.

In the future, Jeanne hopes that the SPCA will be able to obtain more resources to further develop their veterinary services to cater to the growing demand, and ensure all animals looking for a home are adopted by animal lovers who can take great care of the furkids.

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