Senior Graphic Designer

Kitty Lau

Joined the SPCA in 2004

Kitty joined the event together with her dog Gill Gill, who was adopted from the SPCA.

The SPCA rented a bus for a campaign to promote the adoption of mongrels.

Kitty is able to combine her skills as a graphic designer with her passion for protecting animals. Joining the marketing department of the Society in 2004, she has experienced many changes over the years. At first, there were fewer than 10 staff members in the marketing team. When there was an event, it was ‘all hands on deck’. With limited resources, the team had to be 100% flexible and come up with solutions for different scenarios, including how to set up an event backdrop in a difficult location and design new and exciting marketing materials. Nowadays, the division of labour is clearer, so people can focus more on their own scope. However, they still think and act as one united team.

The most challenging aspect of Kitty’s job is to keep improving and adapting to different preferences and aesthetics. She’s also had to change her approach to adapt to different branding standards over the years.

Although her job is time-consuming, Kitty loves discovering new ideas and bringing them into her designs. She remembers collaborating with the famous local brand G.O.D. for the SPCA Sai Kung Centre in 2008. For a special event, designers from G.O.D. re-created the interior of the Centre using inspiration from old tenement buildings, to promote the adoption of mongrels. The Society has rented a bus to take pet owners and their dogs from Wanchai to Sai Kung. Kitty recalls this fun event with special pleasure, as she was able to join in and bring her own dog.

In the future, Kitty hopes to continue working with the marketing team to enhance the image and reputation of the Society through her designs, as the longest standing animal welfare organisation. She wants to help more people understand the vital work of the Society.

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