Mr Wong

Mr Wong and his family had a mixed-breed cat for 17 years and a Shih Tzu for 15 years. Every time they got sick, Mr Wong would bring them to the SPCA for a medical examination to receive proper treatment. Over the years, the SPCA veterinarian team had helped his pets get through many difficult times during their recovery. He is very thankful for their unconditional love and professionalism as they relieved his pets’ physical and mental pain when they were at the most vulnerable state.

Mr Wong is very grateful for the work done by the SPCA over the last century, from promoting animal care through the joint efforts of all stakeholders to building Hong Kong into an animal-loving city. The SPCA also strengthens education to pass on the virtue of respecting life in the society.

He believes that in the years to come, the SPCA will continue to take the leading role in promoting the culture of animal care and enhance animal welfare policies.

He also hopes that more animals will be benefited in the future and the idea of giving will be honoured to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the SPCA.

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