President of the SPCA

Ms. Gigi Fu

The SPCA is the largest and longest standing charitable organisation in Hong Kong. From our early days as a purely volunteer-based body, we have grown into a major charity with around 200 staff and nearly 30,000 members. Every year, we handle more than 16,000 community animals through our welfare programmes and over 70,000 veterinary procedures are conducted for pets through our veterinary clinics and hospitals.

The Society’s work covers six main areas: Animal Rescue and Cruelty Prevention; Animal Birth Control; Animal Adoption; Pet Health Promotion; Animal Welfare Education and Animal Welfare Advocacy – Lobbying for legislative and policy change.

Over recent decades, the SPCA has expended major effort on raising public awareness of animal welfare through educational and fundraising events. In the 1980s, we held the first “Watson’s Dog Walk” in the Hong Kong Stadium, which was the first-ever Dogathon held in Asia. In early 2000s, we were one of the co-organisers of the first international animal welfare conference “Asia for Animals”, attended by 200 representatives from 25 countries. At the same time, the SPCA’s Education Department published its “Humane Education Package” for students in primary and secondary schools, enabling them to learn about caring for animals and animal welfare.

Throughout the years, we have put our best-foot-forward to enhance animal welfare. We understand that, in a densely populated region like Hong Kong SAR, “humankind” is key to making improvements in animal welfare. Only when humans joyfully accept animals in their presence and have a respect for all forms of life, will the neglect, mishandling and cruel treatment of animals be preventable. Let’s build an animal-inclusive community that enables humans to coexist harmoniously with animals in Hong Kong!

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