Trustee of the SPCA

Ms. Pamela D. Barton MBE

Over the past 50 years, I have been honored to be a member of the SPCA and witness its growth, and watch how it has changed over time.

In the 1960s, I was a volunteer at the Society. The SPCA office was on Princess Margaret Road in Kowloon. It was very small and we were permanently short-staffed. By the end of 1980s, I was one of the members of the Executive Committee who oversaw the building of our Wanchai Headquarters, hoping it would bring positive change to our Society. Our hopes were not mis-placed. When construction was complete in the early 90s, I assumed Presidency of the Society and was delighted we were able to offer 24-hour veterinary service to the public. We expanded the scale of our Inspectorate, enabling more work to be done to improve animal welfare in Hong Kong.

Along with new facilities to satisfy ever-growing demand, the Society upskilled its veterinary practice. In the early days, the Society relied upon a few, part-time veterinary surgeons. Now the SPCA has more than 20 veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses, which allows the public – and their pets -to enjoy professional veterinary services at a low cost.

Part of our mission is to enhance the quality of service among our veterinary team and staff, through comprehensive training. I am honoured to have been a small part of this initiative by establishing the Pamela Barton Education Fund to support further staff training and study, we can maintain our already high-quality standards.

It has been – and remains - a great joy to be involved with the SPCA, especially witnessing the establishment of the SPCA Jockey Club Centennial Centre in Tsing Yi through the lobbying and fund-raising efforts of all SPCA staff. I am also glad to have contributed through making a donation. It reminds me of the time when we first planned the Wanchai Headquarters, all those years ago. I believe the SPCA Jockey Club Centennial Centre will help more animals in need, as well as support education for the public on the importance of caring for animals. I hope that more people can support the work of the SPCA to create a better future for animals in Hong Kong.

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