Rescue Cases

A Calf Rescued from an Aqueduct near Tai Lam Chung

The SPCA Animal Rescue Hotline received a call on 8 September 2021, stating a calf was trapped inside a 400-meter deep aqueduct at the hills of Tai Lam Chung. Let alone it was a higher location; the calf was quite heavy as well. After careful consideration, the Inspectorate decided to send a group of 6 inspectors to carry out the rescue operation.

Since the location was quite hazardous, the inspectors had to make a detailed plan for the mission. They examined the environment carefully to ensure the team was equipped with the proper gear and devise the best rescue routes.

Two inspectors first entered the aqueduct to locate the calf. Soon, they discovered the calf was standing at the end of the channel anxiously. Not only was the calf very thin and weak as its ribs were clearly visible, but there was also a lot of excrement found on the ground, indicating that it might have been trapped for several days. The inspectors kept talking softly to encourage the calf. Yet, it stagnated at around 200-meter due to nervousness. So, two more inspectors entered the aqueduct to assist. About an hour and a half later, the inspectors finally drove the calf out right before sunset. In order to prevent the calf from escaping, inspectors that had been waiting outside immediately wrapped a net around the calf and covered it with a towel to help calm it down.

The inspectors walked across slopes and climbed over huge rock kerbs, and with group efforts, they finally carried the calf back to the rescue van. Fortunately, the calf only had minor abrasions and was sent to AFCD afterwards to receive a veterinary checkup and treatment.

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