Rescue Cases

A 52-Hour Rescue Mission: A Mongrel Trapped in the Deep Valley of Fo Tan for 3 Days rescued and reunited with owner

On January 20 2017, upon hearing repeated barks from the hills, the nearby villagers in Fo Tan decided to report the case to the police for help.

SPCA inspectors were dispatched to the scene immediately after being notified by the police force. Unfortunately, when the inspectors arrived at Kwei Tei New Village, they could only hear sporadic barks, making it tough to locate the trapped dog. Moreover, the valley was quite steep, roughly about 10-storey high; therefore, after 5 hours of searching, the crew decided to abort the mission temporarily after nightfall.

The inspectors returned to the scene on the following day. They abseiled down the sides of the valleys and attempted to search for the dog based on its faint barks. However, after 6 hours into the mission, still, no dog was in sight.

On the third day, it was all hands on deck; off-duty inspectors and volunteers also joined the rescue operation. With the experience from the previous days, the crew was equipped with proper gear. They crossed the stream with a rubber boat and roped down the cliffs to head deeper into the valley. After several hours, they finally found the dog trapped on an approximately 20-feet high large rock. The crew then separated into two teams. While one abseiled down from a 60-feet cliff to buckle the dog and lower it down, the other team was waiting beneath the platform rock on a rubber boat, ready to seize the secured dog.

Although the dog was anxious upon rescue, no injuries were found upon veterinary examination. The dog was obviously overjoyed when the owner came to the SPCA centre to pick him up.


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