Foster parent


Joined the Foster Parent Programme on 1 September 2017

According to Anica, she didn’t join the Foster Parent Programme out of a noble cause; in fact, all she wanted was to let her dog Sham-Nine to spend more time with other dogs, in order to prevent him from being a spoiled furkid.

It has already been 4 years since Anica has become a foster parent. There are lots of unforgettable and interesting anecdotes over the years. One time, she had to take care of a three-legged puppy Solar. Since Solar was still very small, it didn’t know how to walk properly, which sometimes caused quite a lot of injuries to itself. Anica and her family then decided to crawl on the floor and teach Solar to walk step by step.

Sham-Nine has also become a helper for the foster family. At that time, Anica was fostering a puppy named Noah. Noah was undergoing potty training, which is an essential task for all foster parents. One day, Anica saw that Sham-Nine was suddenly pushing Noah to the toilet and trying to block its way. Later, Anica found out that Noah actually urinated in the toilet – Sham-Nine was helping Noah after he knew that Noah wanted to pee. With the help of Sham-Nine, Noah was finally potty trained after this incident.

Apart from that, Anica also witnessed the hedgehog she fostered giving birth to 5 new babies. She has also kept in touch with the adopters as they have been sharing the loving moments with her as the furkids grew up.

Fostering is not an easy job – it requires a lot of time, physical strength, and a kind heart for animals. It is incredible to witness the growths of the animals under the great care of the foster parents. Anica hopes that every individual shall respect life, no matter he loves animals or not. If he wants to give a forever home to animals, please consider adoption instead of buying animals from the shops.

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