Manager of Vet Nurse Training and Development

Becky Lin

Joined the SPCA in 1998

Seeing an animal recover from injuries or illnesses and live a happy life makes all the hard work and effort worthwhile.

Assisting a vet in conducting surgery is part of a vet nurse’s duty.

Becky also supports various events where animals are participating. Here she is at the 1999 Dogathon.

Becky read the SPCA’s recruitment advertisement for the position of vet nurse 23 years ago by chance, and immediately applied for the role out of her love for the animals. In those days, there were not many veterinary clinics in Hong Kong and most of the vets were English speakers, so translation was a major part of a vet nurse’s job, on top of a long list of other important duties.

“Given the heavy workload and busy environment, it was a very challenging job,” says Becky. “We learnt a lot on the job, from professional knowledge on animals, medical procedures and surgery, technical terms for different kinds of illnesses and treatments, as well as taking care of the actual animals.”

Despite the challenging work, Becky enjoys every moment of helping animals in need. It gives her a great sense of satisfaction when she sees animals recovering after being treated and given the right care. Once she met a Pomeranian dog visiting the clinic for a medical check-up, and she realised that it was the same Pomeranian she had fostered herself several years ago. Seeing the dog living a happy and healthy life gave her the energy to keep on doing more to help animals in need.

Apart from on-the-job training, during her tenure with the SPCA, Becky also received training at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon in the UK and is now a registered qualified vet nurse. She is responsible for the training and development of younger vet nurses to keep up the good work.

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