Chief Inspector

Berry Ng

Joined the SPCA in 1999

Berry once had to climb into a water tank to save an animal. He’s also had the chance to handle many different kinds of animals.

Berry plays a key role in raising awareness about animal welfare to the public.

Berry is the Chief Inspector of the Inspectorate Department and in charge of suspected animal cruelty cases. Berry was inspired to become an inspector after reading the news about an inspector who saved some animals from a pet shop that was shut down. He thought it would be a meaningful job to be an inspector. For the past 22 years, he has found this to be more than true.

Interestingly, the most challenging part of his role is not dealing with animals, but humans. He has to negotiate with pet owners who are not willing to improve the conditions of the animals in their care. Whereas handling animals is much simpler; being patient and creative in looking for solutions to help the animals makes this part easier.

Having witnessed, first-hand many animal cruelty cases, Berry believes the existing animal protection laws are outdated and insufficient in protecting animals’ welfare. He hopes the government will amend the laws soon. In the meantime, Berry will carry on safeguarding animal welfare in his role as Chief Inspector.

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