Kennel Supervisor

Fifi Lee

Joined the SPCA in 1995

Fifi loves her job as taking care of and playing with the animals are part of her duties.

Fifi was also responsible for handling adoption enquiries and assessing applications before the establishment of the Homing Department in 1999.

Fifi joined the SPCA in 1995 as a kennel keeper. In addition to taking care of the dogs and cats, she was also responsible for handling adoption enquiries, assessing adoption applications, including checking potential pawrents’ backgrounds and interviewing potential adopters until the establishment of the Homing Department in 1999. Over the years, she has developed a set of skills to handle animals of different personalities and habits; she emphasises that patience is key to handle animals, especially when they get nervous easily.

The most rewarding moments for Fifi working in the kennel are when she is interacting with animals and gaining the trust of the clients who leave their pets there temporarily in her care. However, the most heartbreaking moment took place in 1996, when she saw many dogs separated from their owners due to a dog ban by the Housing Authority at that time. “Many owners were forced to surrender their dogs, and it was very sad to see how upset the owners and pets were. It had a huge impact on my career, as it was only my second year working at the SPCA,” she recalls. There are certainly ups and downs working in the kennel, but Fifi enjoys spending time with the animals during her work. You can see that she has a close relationship with all the animals she is taking care of, as she calls out their names one by one, and play with them just like buddies.

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