Fuk Tak Iam Foundation

Jonathan Fu

The Fu Tak Iam Foundation has been support the SPCA’s Mongrel Desex Programme since 2015.

Our foundation’s efforts in working towards a more balanced society centres around uplifting the downtrodden and protecting the vulnerable, addressing not just people, but animals and the broader environment, too. If civility can be measured by how a society treats its weakest members, especially those without a voice to speak up for themselves, then collectively we could do better. Many of Hong Kong’s social problems stem from the lack of affordable living space, and when resources become scarce, the weak are the first to lose out. The distress that results is often avoidable, as is the case for highly reproductive animals like cats and dogs that end up as collateral damage in the competition for territory.

There is no shortage of problems that need solving. As donors, we also want workable solutions and competent operators to put plans into action. We see the SPCA’s broad range of programmes and services as complementary to the ecosystem of smaller, volunteer-led organisations focused on rescue, shelter and adoption. When foster networks and shelters are overwhelmed by large numbers, difficult choices are forced upon them. Preventative measures can be taken to mitigate this on a system-wide basis, and for nearly a decade we have supported the SPCA on these initiatives. To sustainably reduce the supply of unwanted animals requires a combination of advocacy, education, and outreach, as well as the provision of neutering services by trusted vets. It is hard to think of an organisation better equipped than the SPCA to carry out such an undertaking.

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