Adopter and donor

Genevieve Pan

Snowy was Genevieve's first dog and he changed her life. He was an exuberant greeter and social butterfly, yet gentle and ever-patient with his nephews, nieces and cat-brother Moggi. One of his many nicknames was simply "Happifier".

Genevieve had sponsored shelter dogs and supported animal charities before adopting Snowy, but he made her realise how much love and joy animals can bring to human’s lives. At the same time, she became increasingly aware of the many animals in Hong Kong who have been abandoned, abused or from even much worse situations than one can imagine.

Genevieve was introduced to the SPCA in 2004 by her late uncle, Albert Wu. She started supporting the SPCA in 2005 after she participated in the annual Dogathon with Snowy. Genevieve then got to learn more about the SPCA’s initiatives to improve animal welfare including efforts to boycott cruel breeders, TNR and the Cat Colony Care Programmes, and Cinderella funds to help lower-income pet owners with medical bills.

When Snowy passed away, her family decided to donate a Rescue Van to the SPCA to support the work of the Inspectorate. The SPCA Inspectors are on duty 24/7 to help animals in need. whether cats stuck on high-rise air conditioners or cows trapped in water catchments. They are also called out to some horrific animal cruelty cases to tend to the injured and the survivors. There are now 3 Snowy Vans on duty andhave helped over 10,000 animals including porcupines, civets & wild boars.

In 2017, Genevieve adopted Pip from the SPCA. People often say how lucky Pip is to have been adopted but Genevieve thinks she is the lucky one. Even on the roughest day, she couldn’t help but smiled when he brought his favourite toy or felt comforted by Moggi purring like a little furry engine by her side.

Genevieve is honoured to be able to support the SPCA’s work in rescue, veterinary care,fostering and adoption. However, she thinks that humane education and legislative reform are also crucial for bringing long-term changes to the society as humans have a duty of care to our pets and of respect to the wild animals who share our city.

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