Adopted Turbo the Scottish Fold at the SPCA in 2019

Jackie met Turbo, a 7-year old Scottish Fold with kidney disease at the SPCA adoption centre in 2019. It’s normally more difficult for senior and sick animal to find a home, as it takes more effort and time to take care of these animals. Not only did Jackie have experience in taking care of cat with kidney disease, she also fell in love with this affectionate and gentle kitty at first sight. Jackie decided to adopt Turbo and brought him home the next day.

Before planning to adopt Turbo, Jackie took the time to learn everything about Turbo’s medical history to ensure she could take very good care of him. During the process she could feel the love and concern the SPCA team has for this senior kitty. She also learnt that Turbo was once a victim of an animal cruelty case, and it was at that moment that Jackie made a promise to take good care of Turbo for the rest of his life.

After the adoption, Jacky has kept her promise and has been putting all her effort and time to make sure Turbo is under proper care. Turbo’s renal index is now under control and the veterinarian confirmed that Turbo only needs to have regular check-ups to monitor his situation. Jackie is overwhelmed with the good news and at the same time glad to have Turbo in her life.

Turbo is now living a happy life with his human. Jackie said he’s a very clingy boy and the commander of the household. He would give out orders by using different tones of his ‘meowing’. ‘Gimme food’ is one of the most common commands, as Turbo’s weight almost doubled in the year after he was adopted. The once skinny cat is now a healthy chubby prince.

Some may think Jackie saved Turbo’s life by adopting him, but for Jackie, she thinks all animals, no matter they are sick or healthy, young or old, deserve to be loved. She hopes more people would choose to adopt senior or sick animals to give them a forever home in the future.

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