Long Service Volunteer & Former SPCA Committee Member

Ms. Janet Kwok

Joined the SPCA as a volunteer in 1983

Over the years Janet rescued and adopted many abandoned dogs, and at the age of 101, she still had one much loved dog living with her.

Janet became a volunteer because of her immense love for animals.

Janet receiving a certificate from former Executive Director Mr. Tom Creighton for her contributions to the Society in her early years of working as a volunteer.

Janet was one of the SPCA’s most dedicated and popular supporters, starting her long career working as a volunteer and clinic assistant at our Sai Kung Centre in the 1980s. At the time, many staff members and volunteers were from overseas, so one of her duties was to act as an interpreter as she was fluent in English having grown up in Indonesia. She facilitated communication between local clients and foreign veterinary surgeons, and even helped teach some of the inspectors English.

Over the years, she witnessed many changes and improvements. In the past, the Society was much smaller, with less than 5 veterinary surgeons and, at most 6 inspectors, compared to the 25+ vets and 20+ inspectors we have today. In the 80’s and 90’s the Society used to receive unwanted cats and kittens literally “posted” into cat boxes located all over Hong Kong. Janet once collected a very young and unthrifty kitten from a cat box, fell in love and decided to adopt it herself. Thankfully in 2000, the Society took a different approach and introduced the now famous Cat Colony Care Programme, which has enhanced the welfare of stray cats, and the infamous cat boxes came to an end.

Apart from the changes at the Society, Janet witnessed a change in the public’s attitude towards animals. She recalled when there were fewer people who kept pets, and they did not have the right knowledge about keeping pets well and safe. People usually treated dogs as watch-dogs and would not let them indoors. Janet encountered many heartbreaking cases of people moving, and leaving their dogs behind. Fast forward to 2021, where more and more people are being responsible pet owners, understanding pets are for life. Janet believed awareness of animal welfare has increased significantly, and the SPCA recognises the important role she played in this transition and for that we will always be deeply grateful.

With a heavy heart, we regret to announce the passing of our beloved friend, Janet. Her love of life, and her kind hearted and generous spirit will be deeply missed by all of us. We extend our sincere sympathy to her family.

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