Adopted Mopsy the British Short Hair at the SPCA in 2020

A day is enough to change one’s life’, this certainly is the story of Mopsy, who survived a tragic animal cruelty case, and spent seven months at the SPCA centre for treatment and recovery before finding his forever home.

Kathy adopted Mopsy in 2020 and learnt that he was one of the survivors in a suspected cruelty case, so she understood the reason why Mopsy was a bit timid and shy when he first arrived home. It took Mopsy some time to adapt to his new life. He went from having a worried face all the time to slowly opening up himself and would constantly ask for cuddles. It turns out that Mopsy is a friendly, cuddly cat who finally feels safe and content enough to reveal his personality.

Mopsy now lives with his mom, his brother and auntie. He has lots of toys to play with and would ask for cuddles anytime of the day. He is simply living the perfect life. Mopsy was named after a cartoon character who is a naughty cat by his brother. Kathy describes Mopsy as a happy-go-lucky cat who’s the biggest foodie. It’s hard to imagine how much he’s been through before, but he certainly moved on and is now enjoying his life to the max!

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