Mandy and Dic

Adopted Chung Jai the tortoise from the SPCA in 2019

The story of Mandy and Dic with the tortoises started back in November 2019, when one of Dic’s schoolmates had to give up his tortoise, or his family would simply abandon it at a pond.

Dic recalled reading about ‘mercy release’, which is nothing close to being mercy, but indeed harmful to animals. Couldn’t bear to see a tortoise being abandoned, Dic decided to adopt it after discussing with his family. After spending a few months taking care of the tortoise, Dic discovered that it loves the company of people and is very adorable. He started thinking of adopting one more tortoise. After calling the SPCA, he found out that there were actually a few tortoises up for adoption. He then visited the adoption centre with his mum immediately, and decided to adopt one of the tortoises on the same day and named it ‘Chung Jai’. Chung Jai felt very much at home on the first day and would stand on Dic’s hand and look him right in the eyes. As a Chinese stripe-necked turtle, Chung Jai is a quiet sleepy head.

After adopting Chung Jai, Mandy and Dic love tortoises even more; they are adorable, love being around people, and would climb up to get your attention when they want to be held or just leave their tank for a walk. They always know when it is almost time for their meal, as they would start swimming briskly. They think tortoises are adorable no matter when they are looking for food or a cuddle, or simply being sleepy.

They now have five tortoises at home after their two senior dogs passed away. Dic hopes that the SPCA would organise more carnivals where pets are welcome to participate. Whereas Mandy hopes the SPCA can continue on the good work it has been doing to rescue animals, and speak up for animals who are harmed in cruelty cases in the future.

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