Veterinary Nurse Supervisor - Laboratory

Marcus Lo

Joined the SPCA in 1995

Marcus has fostered many kittens, including Ma Luck, who was rescued by the SPCA veterinary team. Marcus became fond of Ma Luck that he adopted him.

Marcus first joined the SPCA as a kennel keeper in 1995, after reading the job advertisement in the newspaper. At that time, he just graduated from high school but he was uncertain about his future career. He had fond memories from his childhood when he kept a pet guinea pig and how he loved being around animals – so he decided to give the SPCA a try and become a kennel keeper at the Kowloon Centre. After two years, he continued his career at a private veterinary clinic, as the Kowloon centre was under renovation during that time. He then rejoined the Society as a veterinary nurse after one year in 1999.

Marcus describes the veterinary service provided by the Society is living up to the high standards of the UK, as nurses are trained through apprenticeship. As part of his daily routine, Marcus conducts laboratory work and different tests on samples including fur, blood and faeces. He also assists the veterinarians during emergency cases. Over his 22 years with the Society as a veterinary nurse, his saddest memories are of festivals in the past, such as Chinese New Year, when some pet owners would abandon their animals before the holiday, claiming they could not take care of them anymore. These heartbreaking scenes remains with him still.

However, the future is looking better. Marcus uses his knowledge to help veterinarian students by organising training and sharing sessions, as well as giving lectures, to improve the welfare of animals in the long-term.

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