Adopter of Momo & Ume

A family adopted two village dogs from the SPCA in 2003. The two Mongrel sisters have brought endless joy to the familyover the years.

During the adoption process, the adopter experienced firsthand the dedication and compassion shown by the SPCA staff to animal welfare. The vets and nurses always performed under extreme high pressure. The overnight security guardrushed to open the door delivering words of comfort to the family running into the center with a distressed pet. The inspectors rescued stray animals from a dangerously steep hill. All of these made the family feel the endless love and sympathy the SPCA had for animals. They are also very thankful for the SPCA taking up the torchbearer role to promote animal welfare in Hong Kong.

Momo and Ume’s owner also thinks that a truly compassionate and developed society must care for its animals as it does for its citizens. In that respect, He sees that the SPCA has been providing different services to enhance animal welfare in Hong Kong and makes the city an international metropolitan that goes in line with universal values.

Also, the number of families owning pets has increased over the years. Wild animals roaming around the city is now a frequent occurrence. People have also started to think how transmissive the Covid-19 viruses can be between human and animals. All of these have increased the tension in a human-animal co-existing society.

He thinks that in the long run, the work of the SPCA is vital to the development of animal welfare in Hong Kong and makes the city a better place to live. He therefore hopes that the public will continue their support for the SPCA.

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