Welfare Supervisor

Chan Si Kei (Patricia)

Joined the SPCA in 1996

Patricia fostered Chima until she was adopted. A few years later, Chima was surrendered by the owner. Fortunately, the charming cat was adopted again and still living happily ever after.

Patricia first started as a kennel keeper at the SPCA in 1996, and then was transferred to the Homing Department. She began working in the Welfare Department as a veterinary nurse from 1999 until now. She recalled becoming a trained nurse was a challenging time as she had to acquire different kinds of medical knowledge and a new skill set quickly, in order to support the daily veterinary services. Although there was a senior nurse to guide her, most of her learning was ‘on-the-job’ and she undertook extra training on her own time.

Patricia has had many memorable experiences over the years; she recalls handling a skinny dog who could barely walk, and found out it had been missing from its home for many years. The dog was finally reunited with the owner. However, it was in such a critical condition and no treatment could possibly cure it, so the owner decided to have it euthanised to end its suffering. Patricia was heartbroken to see the owner saying goodbye to her beloved dog, but at the same time was deeply touched by the bond between owners and pets. The memory remains with her today.

Another unforgettable case was Lucky, the 8 week-old kitten, who had an open wound in his skull in 2019. Fortunately, he recovered after a few surgeries and Patricia was thrilled to see he was homed with loving parents. In the future, she hopes there will be fewer animal cruelty cases and a drop in the surrender rate, as the awareness of animal welfare gradually increases over the years.

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