Education Manager

Vivian Chiu

Joined the SPCA in 2004

Vivian has been promoting animal welfare through organising different activities for children.

Vivian also gives talks in schools, companies, community centres and even at overseas forums.

Vivian joined the Society with experience in the education and media field, and also a pure love for dogs in 2004. Working in the Society over the past 17 years has given her a great sense of satisfaction, especially being able to make a difference by changing the mindset of people regarding keeping pets one at a time. She tries to pass on the message that animals have feelings in the same way as humans, through organising talks for the public. Although some talks are tailor-made to the needs of the respective parties, all of them are based on the “2R2C” framework – “Responsibility, Respect, Consideration and Care”.

In addition to organising talks and sharing sessions, she has also created the Humane Education package, covering topics such as the care of pets, the ethical treatment of wildlife and general welfare issues. The package is used in local primary and secondary schools and has also been adopted by other markets such as Mainland China, Taiwan and Thailand, enquiry on this package was also received from India and UK. Vivian not only helps promote animal welfare by reaching the public directly, but also establishes the role of the Hong Kong SPCA as a leader in humane education. CiCi, Vivian’s beloved pet is also the Education Ambassador. She can always be seen at different education talks to show importance of treating animals with love and care.

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