Amulet and Leo

Adopted Faith and Hope the Domestic Short Hair at the SPCA in 2020

Looking for a ‘forever home’ is hard. Adapting to the new home can be even harder, especially for Faith and Hope, two domestic cats. When Faith and Hope first arrived at the SPCA, they were so frightened that they hid in corners, trying to avoid contact with people. Fortunately, Amulet and Leo didn’t give up on these two little brothers. Although Faith and Hope didn’t greet them when they first met, they still decided to provide a warm and cozy home for the traumatised brothers. Immediately after seeing the cats, Amulet and Leo rushed out to buy necessary supplies, including a window net to create a safe environment for Faith and Hope. They worked on installing the window net until midnight that same day.

As they set foot in the new home, Hope was still uncertain about everything; people, objects, and the overall atmosphere made him uneasy. He hissed at Amulet and Leo continuously. However, after three months of love and care, Faith and Hope opened up and embraced this new chapter of their lives. Since then, both follow Amulet and Leo around no matter whether they are cooking, sleeping or (as many cat lovers reading this will empathise) going to the bathroom. They are mischievous little fellows, but never break anything; although cat food packaging can be at risk! Amulet says Faith is more active while Hope is a foodie – just look at his round tummy.

Thank you to Amulet and Leo who take care of them patiently, with an enormous amount of love. With the help of the SPCA team who shared tips and advice on cat care, Amulet and Leo were able to create the best environment for Faith and Hope. We know Faith and Hope will live happily ever after.

A bit over a year after Faith and Hope were adopted, Amulet and Leo are tying the knot and will be starting a new chapter in life together. Being part of the family, Faith and Hope took part in it by photobombing the couple’s wedding picture with their adorable faces printed on a cushion, guests attending the ceremony will also receive a lovely gift with the cute faces of the two cats. All of these illustrate how much Amulet and Leo see these two as their own fur babies. We wish Faith and Hope can live happily ever after and bring a lot of fond and happy memories to the family in the future.

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